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Learn how you can help.

Learn how you can help.

Oh, how I love it when life intersects.

First, a powerful movie shown at my church called Trade of Innocents. Then, the chance to meet Shayne Moore and learn about her new book, “Refuse to Do Nothing.” Next, a “Justice” bible study last spring. Then another powerful documentary, Nefarious.

This was followed by a sobering FullFill webinar last month with Shayne Moore again and her co-author, Kimberly McOwen Yim, on the subject of ordinary people fighting human trafficking.

And now this week … A Gideon bible study with Priscilla Schirer mentioning the A21 Campaign, all while Lysa TerKeurst & Proverbs 31 Ministries are in the middle of a month-long prayer blitz about this very issue!

Which brings me to today, and the chance to pray for the men, women and children ensnared in this awful way of life.

I gotta be honest. A few years ago when I first began to learn more about this subject, I wanted to DO something. I wanted to help. Or give. Or create. Or … or SOMETHING. And I did do … some of that. I bought jewelry from the War Chest. And helped clean up Anne’s House, Salvation Army’s long-term rescue home for survivors of human trafficking.

Because you see, I didn’t want to “just pray” and trust God. But there was a point in that Webinar last month where Shayne Moore shared that she had asked the same question. And then the powerful influencers involved in working to fight human trafficking told her that prayer truly is our most effective weapon in this fight.¬† Prayer empowers us to intersect with the God of the Universe, who created all of humanity and who desperately wants us in an intimate relationship with Him.

The legislators told Shayne and Kimberly it was prayer that changed the laws they were working to enact. The rescue organizations said they saw more success in getting women and children to safety, as more people were praying. And lives were changed for good, and victims rescued … all ’cause people were praying.

So here I am.

To pray…

Father God in Heaven,

We are soo very grateful that we can come before You in the midst of pain and heartache over things that just don’t … make … sense.

God, I do thank you that we have the freedom to make choices. And yet at times I don’t have the slightest clue why it is that you allow such horrifying choices to be made on this planet. So I know that I don’t have to have all the answers, and that it’s okay to keep asking questions.

Lord today I am asking for You to do a mighty work. I pray, Father, that You would bring about justice according to YOUR mighty and powerful plans. I pray for victims to be rescued, and to begin the long, arduous work of healing. I pray for the counselors and the medical professionals who are working with them, and for a full recovery from the nightmare that was their life.

I pray for the undercover agents and rescue personnel. I pray that You would protect them from harm, and grant them favor as they seek to find truth and light in the midst of lies and darkness.

I pray for financial funding to support these efforts, and strength when it’s hard for them to keep on fighting the good fight. We pray for volunteers to get involved and do their part wherever possible.

I pray for the traffickers themselves, that they might come to know You and Your grace, Jesus. Grab hold of their hearts and help them to realize every human life is precious. That sex was designed for good, not for sale. That money alone can’t cure a broken heart. Only Jesus can.

And lastly Lord, I pray for the perpetrators. I pray for the people around the globe who are also ensnared in addictions to pornography and power. We pray for them to know their actions have real consequences, and we pray for them to receive a fair punishment. Have mercy on the ones who have truly repented. For those who haven’t … we pray you can use the court system to give them a major wake-up call and draw them to You, Lord.

I lift up these requests in the precious name of Jesus.

 Where are your intersections taking you today? :)



Stephanie Raquel


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  1. I started my journey with A21 in much the same way…wanting to DO something! However, I found that I hesitated because of my lack of experience with subject, which lead me to think that maybe I wouldn’t even know how to PRAY on behalf of it effectively. But after hearing of the cause both at Women of Faith and then through Proverbs 31, (which I’ve become spiritually invested in), I felt this was God showing me that I still needed to do SOMETHING…and that starts with prayer! God hears them all and there’s never a “wrong” way to pray.

    • So true, Terri! Thanks for this encouraging reminder!! If our hearts are sincere … we really can’t go wrong! =)

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