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(c) 2011 Stephanie Raquel

(c) 2011 Stephanie Raquel

In our study this week of Renee Swope’s book, A Confident Heart, we’ve been examining reasons for #movingforward from the pain and doubts of our past, toward God’s plans and hopes for our future.

Sometimes, these are what I call “the biggies.”  We’ve looked at quite a few of those this week.  Stuff like death of a loved one, abuse, addictions, divorce, and unstable home lives.  Major life circumstances that would cause every woman I know to feel more than a little insecure.

But often the reasons behind our doubts and insecurities are much less obvious.   And waaaay more subtle.

Sneak attacks, so to speak.  And yet, remember … even the disciples who spent time with Jesus in person had doubts!  Why are you frightened?” [Jesus] asked. “Why are your hearts filled with doubt?” ~Luke 24:38 NLT

In those moments of doubting ourselves, we’ve got a choice to make.  Go back and dwell on the past or, keep #movingforward.  Keep moving, beyond our feelings and questions … and grasp hold of the truth of whose we are (God’s child) and what He has done on our behalf.

Recently, I dealt with a situation where my carpool friends from last year’s sports team weren’t quite aligning themselves as I would have hoped.  Doubt and insecurity had me wondering things like, “Did I do something to offend you?” “Is my child not good enough to hang with your child?” and even, “Hey, what’s wrong with my minivan?!”  Somewhat silly, I know!

My husband and I talked about it, evaluating what was happening.  My first-born, people-pleasing natural inclination is to think, “Clearly, it must have been my fault.”  I wondered what I had done wrong.

And then after praying and processing it for a few days, God’s grace gave me a better understanding of the situation, based on what I’d learned in college through The Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee.  My self-worth is NOT based on what others think of me or my performance.  Even if I had done something to upset them and they’d said nothing, it didn’t matter.  (To the best of my knowledge, thankfully that wasn’t the case!)

My friends’ opinions of me don’t determine my significance; instead, as a believer, Christ’s death on the cross determines my value and worth.  God sees the worst in me and yet because of Jesus’ nail-scarred hands and feet, God looks down from Heaven on high and sees me as perfect.  Blameless. Righteous.  Totally accepted, and unconditionally loved.

In reality, I know my friends weren’t being selfish.  Nor were they choosing to ignore me and my kids.  They were simply being practical for what worked best for their families.  And that was perfectly okay.  As a result, my kids have made new friends as we adjusted the carpool a little bit this year, and everything resolved itself.

Believe me, I know that #movingforward is often easier said than done.  (I’ve written before on surviving life’s challenges, so you might want to visit those posts.)  It almost always involves some healthy introspection, knowledge and application of God’s truth and supportive prayer partners.  It most certainly is a choice, but it’s one I’m glad I’ve made!

What about you?  What are the subtle doubts you’ve faced?  How did you choose to move forward?  I’d love to know!

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Stephanie Raquel


6 responses to #MovingForward

  1. Thank you for your honesty. I’ve sometimes wondered in situations like the carpool what I did, only to realize later it had absolutely nothing to do with me! Silly me, when will I remember others don’t think about me near as much as I think they think about me! :-)

  2. I often think about how one week “the people ” cried HOSANNA, HOSANNA as Jesus made his grand entry into Jerusalem. But one week later, “the people” were screaming, CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM!
    Thanks for the reminder Stephanie, to continue to be a God chaser and pleaser.


  3. Stephanie – thank you for sharing. This hit home especially when it relates toy children. I’ve had those same thoughts. What hkh have written has given me a new perspective. Very good thank you.

  4. I am so glad that the Father in Heaven sees me as he does and not any other way.

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