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So excited!  True confessions, I actually am a conference junkie.

And I love, love, love reading about leaders.

So a few years ago, I noticed our long-time friend, Cru’s Pacific Southwest Regional Director David Martinelli, was participating in something awfully intriguing.  I jumped at the chance to join this thing called a “blogference” to hear what leaders within Cru were doing around the globe.  This year, Brian Barela asked me to submit a post about being involved in ministry as a mom.

Click here for more of my thoughts on moms as leaders.

Here’s an excerpt:

 The last I checked, the Great Commission  (with its 1st person, imperative command) doesn’t have an exception clause.  It doesn’t say, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations … except if you’re a mom.”  Or, “… except if you’ve got three loads of laundry to do, groceries to buy, a turtle to find and four places to be in the next half-hour.”

The reality is, God’s word gives us a clear directive as believers, including mothers – young and old.  Parenting By THE BOOK author John Rosemund explains that effective parenting is truly effective leadership.  Women’s ministry author Sharon Jaynes notes that “What a person does with her family is what she will do with her church.  Family is a testing ground for effective leadership.”

Take a look-see and enjoy!  As Brian says, you can change the world from a coffee shop!