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Stephanie Raquel  —  June 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

A few years ago, I had the privilege of seeing Matthew West live in concert.

Matthew West live in concert!

Matthew West live!  Photo credit: Steve Raquel (c) 2011

And then, actually meeting him in person a few months later!

The chance to meet Matthew West!

What struck me most about this inspiring artist is that not only is he a gifted and talented singer-songwriter, but that he has an incredible heart that moves people to action, not just to a beat!  He grew up not far from where I live and it was a privilege for my daughter and me to meet him. Continue Reading…

New video from Cru explains what Easter's all about.

New video from Cru explains what Easter’s all about.











It’s Good Friday. Two days before Easter.

Some of us think of Good Friday as just another day off school or work. For some of us it’s a religious observance, recognizing the death of Jesus, God’s only son. Have you ever wondered about the real meaning of Easter? And why Jesus had to die in the first place?

These are legitimate questions and I’m thankful that God loves to hear us ask them.  He is big enough to handle our doubts, and since He already knows we have them, it’s probably a good idea to just be honest and admit them.

Some of you might want to see what God’s love-letter to humanity, a.k.a. the Bible, has to say by reading the book of Luke in the New Testament.  Others only have a time for a four-minute clip to get the gist.  Thankfully, our friends at Cru have come up with this catchy little video called Falling Plates to help explain more of what Easter is all about. Take a look-see, and let me know what you think!

So excited!  True confessions, I actually am a conference junkie.

And I love, love, love reading about leaders.

So a few years ago, I noticed our long-time friend, Cru’s Pacific Southwest Regional Director David Martinelli, was participating in something awfully intriguing.  I jumped at the chance to join this thing called a “blogference” to hear what leaders within Cru were doing around the globe.  This year, Brian Barela asked me to submit a post about being involved in ministry as a mom.

Click here for more of my thoughts on moms as leaders.

Here’s an excerpt:

 The last I checked, the Great Commission  (with its 1st person, imperative command) doesn’t have an exception clause.  It doesn’t say, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations … except if you’re a mom.”  Or, “… except if you’ve got three loads of laundry to do, groceries to buy, a turtle to find and four places to be in the next half-hour.”

The reality is, God’s word gives us a clear directive as believers, including mothers – young and old.  Parenting By THE BOOK author John Rosemund explains that effective parenting is truly effective leadership.  Women’s ministry author Sharon Jaynes notes that “What a person does with her family is what she will do with her church.  Family is a testing ground for effective leadership.”

Take a look-see and enjoy!  As Brian says, you can change the world from a coffee shop!