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Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them; they don’t know what they’re doing.” (Luke 23:34, The Message)

Jesus said these words that fateful Friday, when He was dying on the cross for our sins.  A REAL death.  A horrific death.  One designed for the very worst kind of criminals.

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New video from Cru explains what Easter's all about.

New video from Cru explains what Easter’s all about.











It’s Good Friday. Two days before Easter.

Some of us think of Good Friday as just another day off school or work. For some of us it’s a religious observance, recognizing the death of Jesus, God’s only son. Have you ever wondered about the real meaning of Easter? And why Jesus had to die in the first place?

These are legitimate questions and I’m thankful that God loves to hear us ask them.  He is big enough to handle our doubts, and since He already knows we have them, it’s probably a good idea to just be honest and admit them.

Some of you might want to see what God’s love-letter to humanity, a.k.a. the Bible, has to say by reading the book of Luke in the New Testament.  Others only have a time for a four-minute clip to get the gist.  Thankfully, our friends at Cru have come up with this catchy little video called Falling Plates to help explain more of what Easter is all about. Take a look-see, and let me know what you think!