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Photo credit: Stephanie Raquel

Admittedly, I have yet to read “Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys” by Kay S. Hymowitz.  But this title is one that I keep coming across in recent weeks.

After having coffee with a single friend & college sorority sister on our summer vacation to Boston, it indeed seems like more and more men have lost their motivation to grow up.

But at the same time … DO strong women really lead to weak men? I’m not a professional researcher and I’m certainly not a theologian by trade. But this question has also come into conversations I’ve had with a younger woman who is seriously dating a guy and wondering what does biblical submission in marriage *truly* look like?  Can a strong woman be happily married?  Personally, I would argue yes, she can — though it depends on where she gets her strength.

The best definition for submission I know of comes from Dr. Tony Evans, via Beth Moore:  “Submission is knowing when to duck … so God can slap your husband upside the head.”  Isn’t that great?

When we are fully relying on God, we derive our strength from Him.  This gives us the wisdom and insight not just in how to act around our husbands, but also how best to be praying for them, encouraging them in their roles as husbands.

It’s also worth noting that while married women submit to their own husbands, men and single women also are called to submit … to authorities, to their employers, to their pastors, or others who have a leadership role in their lives.  And when the women are the leaders, they are to do everything they can to make it fully pleasing to the Lord.